JD (luvrentboy) wrote in the_freezer,

The Rocky Horror OZ Show

On Saturday June 30 The FullBodyCast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Cambridge, MA is having a Wizard of OZ nite.

There will be OZ characters thrown into the Rocky Horror movie, to see what is to become of them.

There are 3 OZ preshows

A costume Contest

and lots of fun to be had.

The Costume Cosntest with have prizes!
Dress up as your favorite OZ character!
Doll it up as you wish: Scary Scarecrow, Sexy Dorothy, Zombie Munchkin etc etc.
Play with it as you wish.

Its gonna be lot of fun and we hope to see many people there with red ruby slippers on!

Go to www.fullbodycast.org for info on the show, what time it will be, how to get there and things of that nature.

Also, bring newbies (virgins) for we will have lots of fun OZ things planned for them.

Theres no place like Cambridge!
Theres no place like Cambridge!
Theres no place like Cambridge!
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