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eWo Official Member Recruitment

**Cross Posted to Myspace.com/e_w_o**

The Eddie World Order is looking for Official Members!

What the hell are you talking about? It's just as we said! We want to recruit official members of the eWo. As it stands we have 9 members in our ranks, most of which are in the New England area. Only 2 of our members are from outside the New England area. We hope to expand on that.

What do I have to do? Well, for one thing you have to push the eWo. If you have a myspace account (and you MUST have one if you're reading this) then add us to your top friends list (our myspace account is listed above for our LJ friends). Or you could post a link to our myspace on your myspace account. Feel free to use our logo to do that.
Also if you have videos or photos of yourself or your cast mates as Eddie, Columbia, Dr Scott, or even Trixie (because Trixies are hot) then send them in and we'll post them. You could also send in photos of eWo fan art, like a spraypainted table, or a demolished 'Get Your Photo Taken With Ricky Bobby' display with the eWo logo painted over 'Ricky Bobby'. We post your photos and you get recognition for your cast! Plus it helps us put fresh new content in the myspace.
There's also the essentials: Raise hell, party like never before, do impromptu invasions of your cast's preshows, etc. Maybe run an invasion show of your own in the name of the eWo. Trust us when we say it's fun!

What Do I Get for being a member? Well for one thing, you get to be part of what could turn out to be one of the largest Rocky Horror groups. Imagine going to a con and recognizing people as members of the eWo. Or imagine visiting a cast outside of your area and seeing an eWo shirt on a cast/audience member and knowing what it means! It'd be sweet!
You also get to help push your cast. If you have a special show you REALLY want exposure for, like a Superhero Show/Zombie Show/eWo Invasion show then let us know about it and we'll help promote it! Or if someone has suggestions to offer they know how to contact you!
You also get to meet some REALLY COOL PEOPLE! Check out our friends list. You'll see all sorts of different casts, like the Justice League of Denton, Mad Man Mike's NY Cast, the Pink Invaders, Full Body Cast, RKO Army, etc. It's a means of bringing the Rocky Community closer.

So if you're interested then please messege us. Send in your name, cast affiliation, where you live, bra size (at AJ's request), what part you play and why you want to join the eWo and we'll post it here.

Spread the word of the eWo my brothers and sisters.... and cousins...... and 2nd cousins...... and cousins you didnt know were your cousins but are only your cousins because of some random chain of relations........

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