eWoMullet (rkomullet) wrote in the_freezer,

Eddie World Order

Hello, this is Derek the Mullet of the RKO Army in Providence RI. The RKO Army is the ONLY Rocky Horror cast in Rhode Island.

I'm writing this to ask if you can help promote our Myspace account for the eWo, the Eddie World Order.

The Eddie World Order is a group that plans to run an ALL Eddie/Columbia invasion show in September. We want to make this event something our audience will remember. We are already working hard on promotions for the upcoming date and we hope to get people to join our friends list to give the appearance of an actual invasion.

If you'd like to know more please feel free to send a messege to myspace account e_w_o, myspace account derekthemullet, or myspace account ajlordpyro.

Thank you for your time.
Derek 'the Mullet' Marchetti
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